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Robert P. Scott, CPA

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Bob started his career with Harry Bauer, in January 1978, after graduating from North Carolina State University in 1977. In January 1985 he became a partner and hence Bauer & Scott was created. Bob has the Personal Financial Specialist designation from the AICPA and works extensively on individual, corporate, and partnership income taxes, estate and trust taxes, and financial planning.

Thomas A. Smith, CPA

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Tommy joined Bauer & Scott in August 2000 after practicing public accounting for over 10 years.  He was admitted as a partner in July 2006.  He has special expertise handling complex individual and business tax issues.  He works extensively with contractors and businesses, providing tax, accounting and consulting services.

Ruthann Patsy, CPA

Tax Director
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Ruthann started her career with Harry Bauer in 1983 and has been with Bauer & Scott since its inception. She received her bachelor’s degree in Business and Management (with an emphasis in Accounting)  from the University of Maryland University College in 1989 and an Associates Degree in Accounting from Montgomery College in 1980. Ruthann specializes in estate and trust income taxes and administration, as well as providing tax and accounting services for individuals and businesses.

Andrew Scott, CPA

Tax Manager
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Andrew received a B.S. in Accounting from High Point University in 2013 and began his career in public accounting. He joined Bauer & Scott in July 2014. Andrew has experience in individual and business tax preparation, accounting, and consulting services. His specialties include accounting services for small business operations; with a focus on start-ups.

Chris Scott, CPA

Tax Manager
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Chris joined Bauer & Scott in January 2008 after graduating from the University of Tampa. Chris specializes in individual tax preparation & tax planning. Additionally, Chris helps with Bauer & Scott's business administration responsibilities.

Audrey Smith, CPA

Assurance Manager
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Audrey began her public accounting career in 2017 after receiving her B.A. in Accounting from Fort Lewis College in 2016. She joined Bauer & Scott in August 2021. Audrey's experience includes auditing employee benefit plans, not-for-profits, and manufacturing & distribution firms. She helps with Bauer & Scott's business administration responsibilities and works on a variety of review and compilations.

Kalonji Butler

Senior Accountant
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Kalonji received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2002. He joined Bauer & Scott in 2013 and has 15 years of experience in public accounting.  Kalonji specializes in performing audits, reviews, and compilations of construction contractors and not-for-profit clients.

Pat Scott

Senior Accountant
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Pat received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Stevenson University in 2013. He joined Bauer & Scott in 2010 and has 12 years of experience in public accounting.  Pat specializes in a variety of tax preparation areas including Individual, Partnership, S-Corporation, Corporate, Fiduciary, Not-For-Profit, and Personal Property Taxes. Additionally, Pat performs bookkeeping and payroll preparation & compliance for a variety of Bauer & Scott’s clientele.

Brenda Amaya

Accounts Receivable
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Brenda began working with Bauer & Scott November 2007.  She is currently in school studying for her associate’s in Business. Brenda performs a variety of office administrative responsibilities including billing, accounts receivable, as well as bookkeeping and tax return preparation.

Romina Yanes

Admin Assistant, Front Desk Operator
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Romina received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Simon Rodriguez University in Venezuela in 2007.  Her studies involved specialization in Computer Science.  She joined Bauer & Scott in June 2021. Her responsibilities include office administrative duties, customer service, payment processing, tax return assembly, and a variety of other administrative responsibilities.